Sixth Anniversary Event

Celebrate six years of Peppermint Fox with the designers at Rippon Lea in Melbourne.


Peppermint Fox is hosting an event for all adventurers, collectors and storytellers!

Join us for afternoon tea in Rippon Lea's beautiful ballroom, explore the elegant gardens, browse the shopping gallery, reminisce over past Peppermint Fox items, investigate curious natural history collections, win prizes, see the first glimpses of future designs and take home a gift pack that would delight any adventurer!

Date: Saturday, September 7th, 2019

Time: 12pm until 3pm.

Location: Rippon Lea House, Melbourne

Ticket Sale Dates: 

Event tickets will be sold on the Australian store ( There will be three types of tickets available. All tickets are non-refundable.

Adventurer's Club Early Sale

March 8th

First Round

 March 22nd

Second Round

 July 5th



Starting at 12pm, the Naturalist's Parlour event will run for three hours, and include afternoon tea, event photographer, shopping gallery and a Peppermint Fox archive exhibit. After 3pm, the attendees are welcome to explore the large gardens, including the lake, historic apple orchard, grotto, and fernery. A perfect opportunity to take some lovely photos, or perhaps sit and sketch for a while.

A true naturalist's parlour is a window into the past, and keeping true to the spirit, this event will also hold a chance for you to peruse the archives of Peppermint Fox designs.

A wonderful afternoon dedicated to the love of beautiful things and the happiness of collecting.


Ticket Tiers

Wanderer (Regular Ticket) - Join us in celebrating Peppermint Fox, and take home a gift parcel that would delight any adventurer!  . . . $105

Naturalist (VIP Ticket) - Take home something special with an expanded gift parcel with exclusive extras, early entry to the shopping gallery and first chance at any event reservations . . . $155

Collector (Grand Ticket) - All the perks of the Naturalist ticket tier, plus a choice of one of three hand-curated Peppermint Fox Collector Edition sets . . .$185:

Collector Edition #1, Tiny Companion Chest - a set of all past anniversary Tiny Companions.

Collector Edition #2, Anniversary Set - a curated collection of exclusives from past anniversary events.

Collector Edition #3, The Art Collector - a printed collection of developmental work, concepts and finished art from six years of Peppermint Fox, signed with an original sketch from the Peppermint Fox artist.