Peppermint Fox was created from a desire to seek wonder and adventure in every day. With charming accessories and dapper daywear, Peppermint Fox hopes to bring a touch of fable and fairytale to every moment.


About Peppermint Fox

Peppermint Fox is a clothing label which borrows its aesthetic from traditional fairy tales, attics full of old treasures, and the wonders of the natural world. All  clothing and accessories are designed with care and attention, using fabric designed by the Peppermint Fox artist.

Peppermint Fox has a distinctive style, with charming dresses, illustrative prints and cute accessories. At its heart, Peppermint Fox is inspired by the feeling of falling into a timeless tale, of finding wonder in the smallest of moments. Peppermint Fox creates a world that is dreamy and romantic, with a sense of delicate simplicity.


Peppermint Fox is based in Melbourne, Australia.