Peppermint Fox

for the everyday adventurer

Welcome, Adventurer, to the tale of Peppermint Fox.

Our Concept

Here you’ll find a lifestyle built of quiet adventure and cosy afternoons.

We seek to find wonder in the smallest moments, and to create a dreamy world full of wall-high bookshelves and light-dappled forest floors, with all the intimacy of tea for two.

Whether you find adventure in open moorland, or within the quiet confines of a book, all those with an adventurous and open heart are welcome here.

Our Style

We aim for comfort and simplicity, choosing unfussy, timeless cuts for our garments. Each is perfect for adornment with your favourite hand-illustrated Peppermint Fox brooch.

At a loss for how to wear Peppermint Fox? Looking to create your own cosy style? Find our style tips on the blog and our social media.

Find the perfect adornment for your abode and bring a touch of cosy cottage charm to any setting. There is nothing we love quite so much as helping you make your own charming corner of the world more homey.

Our Studio

Our little studio is nestled amongst the trees and scenery of Launceston, Tasmania. All our products are designed and hand-illustrated by our two-person team.

Our accessories are assembled by hand here in Launceston, with parts produced in the UK.

Each of our garments are made with care by skilful hands in China and Australia. All individuals involved in the making of your garments are fairly paid.