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Leafmark Journal by Peppermint Fox

Lingering in the cosy space between homecoming and the next adventure, the  Leafmark Journal is a publication for a dreamy, creative lifestyle. Started by the owners of Peppermint Fox as an extension of the brand, Leafmark is a love letter to the adventurers and the storytellers, and a celebration of the quiet and soft moments we carve out for ourselves. 

Nestled amongst its virtual pages are styling notes, quiet fashion, recipes, craft and sewing work, illustration, beautiful photography, and snippets about art, history, folklore and literature. 

Leafmark grew from a small seed of an idea - to write for, and celebrate, the quiet but adventurous lives lived by the people we design for. Edited and written by the Peppermint Fox girls, Leafmark will also host guest contributors from all shelves of the library. 

The Leafmark Journal has a patreon page, where patrons can sign up to get articles delivered weekly during the production of each edition, and to download the final edition of the magazine. 

Or, you can purchase Leafmark from our store. A new edition unfolds with the first week of every month.