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Welcome to the Adventurer’s Club!

The Adventurer’s Club is how we reward our regular customers for their ongoing support of Peppermint Fox. To join the Adventurer’s Club, you simply need a lifetime spend of over $1000AUD.

The Adventurer’s Club Offers:

  • Exclusive early access to all collections

  • Access to Adventurer’s Club exclusive items

  • Access to the Adventurer’s Club archive

  • A Happy Birthday discount

  • Exclusive sales

  • Discounts as you spend

Once you’ve reached our minimum spend threshold, we’ll send you an email inviting you to join the club. If you think you should already be in it but aren’t, please get in contact with us as soon as possible.

Membership is for life, but membership may be suspended if you haven’t purchased from us in a twelve month period. This is to make sure we aren’t sending you emails when you’ve moved on to other adventures! We check roughly every three months for new members, but if you’d like to hurry us up just send us an email and we’ll get on to it right away. Birthday and Spend Total discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other discount codes.